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Weekly Flowers

- Flowers delivered to your door every week

- Flowers grown on our small farm

- Abbotsford + Mission locals only

- Flowers delivered to your door every other week

- Flowers grown on our small farm

- Abbotsford + Mission locals only

Biweekly Flowers



What is a Bouquet/Flower Subscription?

Remember how back in the day, before the internet took over, when people would get magazine subscriptions and a magazine would come every month in the mail? Well a flower subscription is the same kind of idea. You order one and every week or month, depending on whether you get a weekly or monthly subscription, you get a fresh bouquet of flowers either delivered to your home or picked up from our farm. 

If you are someone who always loves to have flowers on your table than a flower subscription is just what you need! A subscription from our farm ensures that you have flowers on your table throughout the spring and summer with less of a hassle. You order a subscription, and we do the dirty work of growing, arranging and delivering the flowers to your door. No more nagging your spouse, or having to remember to stop by save-on-foods on the way home.  

Why Order a Flower Subscription?

You might be thinking- "well can't I just buy flowers when I need them, without signing up for a flower subscription?" Hypothetically yes, but a flower subscription has it's perks: 

Because subscription holders buy flowers before the flowers even bloom, if we have a crop failure or something happens on our farm subscription customers receive flowers no matter what, even if we have to pull from other sources. Buying a flower subscription also supports our farm by providing income when the flowers are not blooming. The off-season is when costs are high but income is low, so by purchasing a flower subscription you are such an important part of us being able to actually get the flowers to you once our season starts!

Subscription holders are the literal VIPS of our farm. We treat them with the respect they deserve. And that means the best flowers we can possibly give them. Subscription holders get the first pick of the week from our field which ensures that the blooms in our subscriptions are always the best quality. We grow the flowers in our field using organic and sustainable methods, trying our best to stay in harmony with the world and creatures around us.


Perks of Being a Flower Subscription Holder:

When you purchase a flower subscription you get more than just flowers every week/month. Here are a few more things our farm VIPs receive:

-Guaranteed first cut of the flowers from our farm for the week, even if we have to bring in extras from other farmers.

- First access to everything on our farm including extra flowers, new programs we launch, special offers and more.

- A discount code for all extra fresh florals purchased during the current season.

- A dried floral bouquet from flowers grown on our farm at the end of the season to tide you over until next year.

Flower subscriptions are also a great gift for someone you love who has it all. We provide an electronic gift receipt when you buy a subscription as a gift. What better gift could someone receive than joy in the form of flowers?

Purchase a 2024 Subscription Today!

Michaelya B.

"Signing up for Flowers by the Fraser biweekly subscription was the best decision of my summer! I had a fresh, gorgeous bouquet delivered to my door every other week. It came just in time to always have fresh flowers around! Delivery day became my favourite day of the week."

Ashley m.

"Each bouquet was loaded with blooms, and so gorgeous!"

Monthly Subscriptions

- 1 bouquet a month

- Delivery options from Langley to Chilliwack and everything in between (includes Mission).

- A taste of all the different flowers through the seasons


If you buy a subscription from us you are acknowledging that we are a farm, which means we have to work with the weather. If there are any problems with product due to extreme weather or pests we will be in touch. We value direct communication with our customers.
If you purchase a subscription, we will email you final details 1-2 weeks before your subscription begins.

If you live close to Abbotsford you can choose local pickup at checkout for the chance to visit our farm and meet the people who grow your flowers! Farm pickup is free.

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